Monday, 28 February 2011

New handbag..s

Its been a while since I last posted & so much has happened.
I spent most of the last month in the depths of dispair.I really didnt know what was going to happen to me with regards to my back.I now have had results from the MRI scan & although I am still in pain with it ,the results show no prolapsed disc.Wowee..that means I should be able to get back to some sort of normality after I have had a session with the pain clinic & no operation.If I was living in America ,I have found out they would possibly go on to do a discogram ,but as I live in the UK & at the mercy of the NHS.They will not do any more investigations & I have to get on with it!!Surely I wont have to keep rattling with tablets for ever?Well lets hope not.

Now on the the title in hand...A girl can never have too many can they?Absolutely not is the answer always given to a male asking the question!!ha ha!!!

Well I think I mentioned in my last post I was going to make a new bag in cotton.Well its finished & in great use.Here are the pictures.

I am quite pleased with it & it has been much admired.The only thing is it only is available in crochet form at the moment.I have promised my friend to sort a pattern in knit form for her.This means I first have to knit a bag in the same shape!!I am so busy with knitting at the moment.I darent say how many projects I am making .In fact I dont think even I know the answer at the moment!!
I have also been asked to do some work shops which means that I must sort out a lesson plans for each of them.I do like teaching though & have been doing a few beginners knitters courses.You really feel like you have achieved something when you teach someone to make something.

I also forgot to post about some of the things I made as presents at Christmas.
One was some fingerless mittens made from some gorgious Manos yarn.Its so warm.They are for my MIL .I also made a shrug out of this ran for myself.Its very cosy & keeps me snug.

These mittens were for my FIL.They are the pattern I listed on a previous post.Its been quite popular as its knitted flat & then sewn up down the side of the glove.

The Rico yarn in Merino is lovely.I just washed my hubby's mitts in the machine this morning & they have come up a treat.I forgot they were in there & put them on a 40degree wash.They were fine & have not felted.