Saturday, 3 November 2012

a month!

I cannot believe a whole month has passed since my last post!!.
Life has been pretty busy here & the lane outside has turned rather wet & muddy during that time. We have also had some major changes in the house. Ok so no walls have been knocked down but the hole in the loft was made large enough for Mr T to now get his shoulders through & it has also had electric lighting installed & flooring put down. Our lovely chippy ,Mike did such a great job. He also thoroughly cleaned the space out for us & considering the first few days of his work he came out looking like an old time chimney sweep, it was no mean feat. Mikes achievement has enabled us to move a lot of our "stuff" into a storage space out of our way.Bliss!! No more tripping over boxes.Talking of boxes, as I sit writing this on my laptop & look around the lounge , we have no more boxes in here!!! I am just waiting  for the chimney to be swept net week & I can start decorating & put our own mark in here.I have just finished the dining room .The transformation from peach to white is very pleasing. Add in our newly painted dresser & its much more our style.  
Hope you like it.It took quite a few days to sand the surfaces down & then paint two coats of lovely blue paint on & then after it had dried ,wax it all.
Our new range cooker arrived as well .After we had it installed I was able to cook this most yummy sour cream
 apple pie.
The recipe is over on one of my favourite blogs ,Posie gets Cosy. The link is here if you would like to make one.We can certainly recommend it as can our neighbours who also had a slice each.Alicia Poulsons blog is so lovely , she is a very talented lady. Her lovely applique ,knitting & patchwork projects are very inspiring.
I have been getting back into my spinning again.I went to a Guild meeting where we had a masterclass in felting flowers. Here is my effort. I shall show more pictures of the meeting on my next visit with you.