Friday, 13 April 2012

Busy busy busy!!!!!

I cannot believe how busy we have been the past couple of months.
At long last our family countdown to Mr T's retirement has ended. At the beginning of March he officially became unemployed & was retired from his job!I have to say he has never been quite so busy since!
Our house is now on the market & we are looking for our dream home to buy. We don't have a huge budget & really want to have as small a mortgage or be mortgage free if possible.
For now ,we just keep as tidy a house as possible & entertain strangers looking around our home. Some have been very nice, others downright rude! Is it just me or should you really ask if you can use someones loo before taking to a squatting position in their house?!!I think I would....!!!
I have also been busy , making bits & pieces.I really must show you what I have been up to with the things I showed you the last time I was here.Some have been for the house ,others for my pure indulgence!

I finished off various rooms in the house for the market place & in doing so I made a blind for our bathroom out of an antique linen tablecloth.I also made blinds for our bedroom to match the wallpaper

from linen & beautiful Laura Ashley fabric.I need to get the bedroom blinds down again as they are not perfect & the defect is sooo annoying!!I am not going to say what it is, but its just driving me crazy!!!

I have a number of projects now finished. I really must get them photographed.
Our son & his girlfriend are home from Austria for a week & we are so enjoying their company.I shall really miss them when they go home again & I will be back to work myself.
For now I shall enjoy having a month off work. I so needed it.
I found this lovely sewing blog,Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing. I love her retro style & very handy hints & tips to brush up my sewing skills.Pop on over to have a look.