Monday, 1 October 2012

Hedgehogs & Mollie Makes!.

October has begun.
With it comes colder weather, Mr T's birthday & the man who will do a miracle job on our loft.
 Mike will be visiting in 2 weeks to make a larger loft hatch, board the floor & put in lighting & a ladder.I know, not something you would normally get excited about but it means the tide of brown boxes will lessen & my quest for a tidy & useable craft room will become closer.
I attended a guild spinning meeting today.A nice gathering that ended up just over into Cambridge! On the way home we got a bit lost until I saw a sign. The girls in the back said ," you don't know the way round here!". I said "Yes but I know I live in Lincolnshire & that says its the county line!".Normally I wouldn't have a clue, but something told me I was right!!ha ha!!
I finished painting the dining room yesterday & tonight we put the dresser back. Now all it needs is a coat of clear wax. I cant wait to show you photos of the finished room when its completed. Soon, very soon!!
The dogs were going silly again tonight.It gets to a certain time & they are convinced they need to go in the garden. We are sure they think that the hedgehog will be out there. I leave you with a picture of a cute creation that is in this months Mollie Makes.It is on my to do list!