Monday, 30 May 2011

Stir it up!

As you may have realised by now,I love to bake.I am happy to cook meals ,but as hubby tends to take over those ,my forte is baking!I have made some delicious cakes in the past which have been sampled by friends ,family & work colleagues.

Last week I made this sumptuous tower of orange cakes.It was a new recipe & I will definately be using it again.Here is the link to the site where I got the recipe.

You cant see it clearly in the picture ,but the orange frosting had edible glitter sprinkled on it & looked so pretty.In my blogging I found out what I have been doing wrong with my wooden spoons!They are all dried up & rough.I keep sanding them but they soon breakdown.Because I like them to be super clean ,I tend to put them in the dishwasher.I have found out they need regular feeding with a spoon oil to keep them in great condition.I am sending off for some beeswax asap to make some.Click on the link to find the recipe which came via one of my favourite blogs.Once I have got this made up,I will be giving all my favourite spoons & wooden bowls a loving session,especially my porridge spoon!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Springtime update!!Eeek its nearly summer!!

I have shamefully neglected my blog again!!
Life has kinda taken over.Work is now full time again & busy busy!!

I have also been busy knitting furiously.I had a commission for a fashion designer to make some vests .This had a deadline of only a few weeks.They were very big to make using the most horrible Godefra yarn.I never want to see that stuff gain!.

My son moved to Austria to live with his girlfriend.The house seems so much quieter now & less washing to do!!I do miss him though.We had the Royal Wedding with street parties a plenty!!We were invited to two!We attended the best one though in town with The Wool Bar. Caroline had organised a knitathon & a group of ladies & gents sat & knitted gloves for the homeless & put together knitted squares to make blankets.

I took my spinning wheel & produced a whole spindle of yarn.Apart from one silly drunk ,the day was really good & one we shall all remember.

On the Royal Wedding subject ,in Brighton whilst shopping with my family last week I spied this chocolate cake.Its Kate & William....looks where the cheeky boys hand is!!

I have also been decorating my bedroom.It took me ages & I did it all on my own,with a bad back & working all week full time with no help!It nearly killed me!!

I made`some knitted bunting from Louisa Harding's book for Aimee yarn.Its so pretty.This is the second lot of bunting I have made using the pattern.Its a really easy pattern with just a border of moss stitch & an eyelet hole row for the ribbon to be threaded through.I used a lovely paisley ribbon to thread them all up.I love it & the message on it.When I have completely finished my bedroom I shall take some pictures of it.I still have the blinds to make yet!

This is my very first Sock Workshop which was held at The Wool Bar on the 22nd May.It was great & everyone worked really hard & had a sock at the end of the day.Ok it was a mini sock but never the less it was a perfect sock!!

Well done ladies ,you were great!