Saturday, 31 July 2010

A long week

Its been such a long week.I hurt my back last week this this one has been spent trying to get it better.That has meant staying off the computer as much as possible,not sewing or knitting(not possible) & spending large amounts of money on prescription charges for painkillers & Osteopath treatment.Due to the painkillers the week has been spent in a fog of stupidity.I ventured out of the house last night to the corner shop as we needed tea bags & I needed some fresh air & a change of scenery.I had to concentrate so hard on crossing the road.It was like I was 4 years old again.I went to the shop & got the items I needed & came home again.Oh yes ,I did forget the tea bags & darling Mr T had to go back for them.As you can see ,there is no way I could function at work !

I have been thinking about making some silk flowers.I pulled out my Nana's old tools.She taught me how to make them years ago & although I remember the basics,I cant find a thing about it on the net apart from one scant article .I will have to search for a book on it.I got one in the library a few years ago.I need to get a few more bits to start such as a bran pillow & some meths.The meths is for using in the burner.

The principal is that you first seize the fabric.Nana used to use velvet for little violet flowers but you can use cotton & silk.The seize stiffens the fabric .The molding tools are then heated in the burner & used to make indentations in the fabric petal that has been cut out from the seized fabric.Stamens are then added to the centre & the flower blossom can be mounted on to a wire stem.The bran pillow is used to cradle the fabric petal when it is being heated.
I will share my efforts with you when I have something to show for them.
It has rained today for the first time in weeks.So unusual in Britain.Everything is damped down & smells fresher.Its still very warm though.We are going to visit my mother today.Its her birthday & I have made her an Alpaca wrap with beads down the edges.I still have some ends to sew in & the light is too poor to photograph it but when I can I will post pictures on here.I hope she likes it.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Women in my life

I was born into a family of men. My mother & Nana with me in 1966.

I was the first girl to born in our family for over 60 years & when I came along ,my mother & Nana pictured above were going to make sure I knew how to cook ,sew & knit.My father also taught me many things & spent a lot of time with me exploring artistic per suits.I had a lovely childhood & due to my ever loving family have hopefully grown into a person who will pass on the ability to teach others how to create beautiful things.

One of the things that stands foremost in my memory is the time spent with my Nana.She lived in a bungalow which was built by my grandfather & great grandfather.It was just at the end of our road where we lived in Streatham & I could walk there on my own when I was very little.I think I was about 4 when I would be allowed to go there on my own.Because of this ,I would drop in to see her & my grandfather every day.Nana would always be making something ,whether it was for one of the family or a friend or a member of the Church which we attended.

Below is a picture of the needle case Nana made over 40 years ago & which I inherited when she passed away.It is very special to me & I always think of the greater legacy she left me when she died.I wanted to share this with my fellow readers & to let you know that if you have the chance to show someone how to do something ,then do it.The time spent in doing so may have such a huge effect on their lives as this lady did on mine.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Finishing off

I have had some projects on the go for some time now .I have really needed to get them finished ,a)because one of the recipients will grow out of it,b) they are needed to be used, c) I want to start a new project.(most important point!)

I have at long last finished the easy baby blanket.This was knitted in Rico baby.A super soft yarn at a very reasonable price.
The next project was finishing a bag for my friend.She makes things to sell at craft Fayre's & wanted a money bag.This was ideal for her.I lined it with some fabric that was from my summer school dress.I am not going to mention how many years ago that was but the fabric is like brand new!I used buttons from her mothers button tin she gave me after she passed away.They don't match but I thought it would be a nice way for her mum to be with her.The handles button up which enable you to use it like a normal handbag or to put it on your belt for a hands free bag.

I also finished a little baby vest.This is knitted in a variegated bamboo yarn.I think it was by Rico.It was an odd ball given to me for the job.I really didn't relish the thought of knitting with it but was pleasantly surprised.I will definitely use this again.I did take time to match the stripe in at the neck .When I tried it on Charlie it was too small at the neck to get over his little head.I unpicked it & knitted a buttoned welt.Should go over now without him looking at me as though I am stupid!!

I made some cakes,Lemon drizzle cake by request from my friend Sandra & some biscuits for the biscuit monster in our house,AKA No2 son.

No1 son is away this week & it has been very quiet.Last week was very exciting as they both got jobs within 2 days of each other! How freaky was that.
Here is a picture of my babies.It was taken on No2 sons 21st birthday in June.They both tower over me but are never too old for a cuddle with mum.They both look so serious in this picture but all the others they are acting the goat!

goofeySee what I mean!!!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Hip hooray!!!

Good news,the camera has turned up.I am so chuffed.I had left it in the caravan all along.Silly me.I kept thinking of all those pictures we took on our holiday & not being able to repeat them.

Here are some of them....

This is a picture of Mr T & myself with some friends we met whilst we were away.We had a lovely time & they took us to find this place...Rosedon Hall .It was built by the original biscuit monster,Mr Peak of Peak Freans Biscuits.In the main hallway is a floor made of marble which was carried up the cliff path from the beach below by two little donkeys...ahhhhh

This is the chapel also in the grounds of Rousedon Estate

Below is a cottage which is found at Seaton.I totally fell in love with the courtyard garden & also the painted mail box.I may just have to get one.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Holiday projects.

We have been away in our little caravan to Devon/Dorset.We stayed at a lovely site near to Lyme Regis & had a very relaxing time.Hubby enjoyed himself fishing & I stitched & read.I finished my Lucy bag courtesy of Attic 24 & also finished the long & very boring baby blanket for my new Great Niece(how scary is that!).I also knitted some dish cloths which I gave to a lady who we made friends with on our holiday.Sadly I have no pictures of any of these items as I have lost my camera.Not sure of it is mislaid or stolen .I am not going to panic over it as life is just too short for that!
We had a fabulous time.On the last day (which was the last time I saw my camera) a diving group who had arrived on site gave us some freshly picked (from the sea bed) scallops.They were todie for!!!So sweet & tasty & finger licking good with a slice of brown bread & butter.
My diet has suffered slightly ,but I think a 2lb increase wasn't too bad after eating scones with clotted cream (all 3 of them) & jam,fish & chips ,strawberry tart & apricot frangipan tart & cream.
Whilst we were away we purchased some Nordic Walking poles.Great workout with these & help support your spine as well.When I used mine for the first time our friends found it very funny.I was apparently like bambi on gin! Tripping over the poles & nearly ending up in a cow pat!!I now have the hang of them & will be seen on the Sea front with them......just not for a few days as I have done something to my neck.Ouch it hurts & I am in the middle of trying to decorate our bathroom.I just hope that when I wake up in the morning it will be better.I am flinching already at the thought of the Osteopath.
I will leave you with a picture of our little snail home taken on our last outing in May!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Playing Hooky!

I have been hooking with the Creative Aran Cotton from The Wool Bar. I have really enjoyed making these & they are going to live in our caravan.I only needed 2 cushions & fairly small ones.Our van is only 2 berth ,so there is just enough room for the hubby & me.

I made the cushions with some pale blue linen I have had for years waiting to be made into a skirt or something.I put a zip at the back for ease of removal for washing.I found the zips in a charity shop.The lady only wanted 10p for them.Well I gave her what I thought they were worth & for 3 zips & 2 skeins on embroidery floss I gave her £2.She was made up.

I haven't done crochet in years ,so being inspired by Lucy over at Attic 24 & with the help of her tutorial I made these.I have also never been able to keep a straight edge (striped cushion) so was thrilled I was at long last able to get that right.Its a fab little blog so check it out!

Here are the first bean flowers .Hopefully there should be some beans in a few weeks.