Monday, 19 July 2010

Finishing off

I have had some projects on the go for some time now .I have really needed to get them finished ,a)because one of the recipients will grow out of it,b) they are needed to be used, c) I want to start a new project.(most important point!)

I have at long last finished the easy baby blanket.This was knitted in Rico baby.A super soft yarn at a very reasonable price.
The next project was finishing a bag for my friend.She makes things to sell at craft Fayre's & wanted a money bag.This was ideal for her.I lined it with some fabric that was from my summer school dress.I am not going to mention how many years ago that was but the fabric is like brand new!I used buttons from her mothers button tin she gave me after she passed away.They don't match but I thought it would be a nice way for her mum to be with her.The handles button up which enable you to use it like a normal handbag or to put it on your belt for a hands free bag.

I also finished a little baby vest.This is knitted in a variegated bamboo yarn.I think it was by Rico.It was an odd ball given to me for the job.I really didn't relish the thought of knitting with it but was pleasantly surprised.I will definitely use this again.I did take time to match the stripe in at the neck .When I tried it on Charlie it was too small at the neck to get over his little head.I unpicked it & knitted a buttoned welt.Should go over now without him looking at me as though I am stupid!!

I made some cakes,Lemon drizzle cake by request from my friend Sandra & some biscuits for the biscuit monster in our house,AKA No2 son.

No1 son is away this week & it has been very quiet.Last week was very exciting as they both got jobs within 2 days of each other! How freaky was that.
Here is a picture of my babies.It was taken on No2 sons 21st birthday in June.They both tower over me but are never too old for a cuddle with mum.They both look so serious in this picture but all the others they are acting the goat!

goofeySee what I mean!!!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely knitting - I really love the baby blanket.