Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Women in my life

I was born into a family of men. My mother & Nana with me in 1966.

I was the first girl to born in our family for over 60 years & when I came along ,my mother & Nana pictured above were going to make sure I knew how to cook ,sew & knit.My father also taught me many things & spent a lot of time with me exploring artistic per suits.I had a lovely childhood & due to my ever loving family have hopefully grown into a person who will pass on the ability to teach others how to create beautiful things.

One of the things that stands foremost in my memory is the time spent with my Nana.She lived in a bungalow which was built by my grandfather & great grandfather.It was just at the end of our road where we lived in Streatham & I could walk there on my own when I was very little.I think I was about 4 when I would be allowed to go there on my own.Because of this ,I would drop in to see her & my grandfather every day.Nana would always be making something ,whether it was for one of the family or a friend or a member of the Church which we attended.

Below is a picture of the needle case Nana made over 40 years ago & which I inherited when she passed away.It is very special to me & I always think of the greater legacy she left me when she died.I wanted to share this with my fellow readers & to let you know that if you have the chance to show someone how to do something ,then do it.The time spent in doing so may have such a huge effect on their lives as this lady did on mine.

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