Friday, 2 July 2010

Playing Hooky!

I have been hooking with the Creative Aran Cotton from The Wool Bar. I have really enjoyed making these & they are going to live in our caravan.I only needed 2 cushions & fairly small ones.Our van is only 2 berth ,so there is just enough room for the hubby & me.

I made the cushions with some pale blue linen I have had for years waiting to be made into a skirt or something.I put a zip at the back for ease of removal for washing.I found the zips in a charity shop.The lady only wanted 10p for them.Well I gave her what I thought they were worth & for 3 zips & 2 skeins on embroidery floss I gave her £2.She was made up.

I haven't done crochet in years ,so being inspired by Lucy over at Attic 24 & with the help of her tutorial I made these.I have also never been able to keep a straight edge (striped cushion) so was thrilled I was at long last able to get that right.Its a fab little blog so check it out!

Here are the first bean flowers .Hopefully there should be some beans in a few weeks.


Battling the lazy workout student within said...

Those are so Beautiful. I love pillows! I wish i had the resources to make them!

Caroline said...

Lovely, lovely, loveliness! you are so clever and so fast, my crochet is going so slowly!! I really like your site too, perhaps you can give me some tips! Lovely to see you at Knit & Natter last night. Cx