Monday, 28 June 2010

Bear necessity

What a week its been!
The highs & lows of football & all that goes with that .No sitting on the couch with hubby watching it for me.I totally shy away from football.Now if it was Rugby ,well that's a different matter!I didn't watch the last match where apparently England played abysmally.No I was at work dealing with some of the football fallout!!
Anyhoo.....(I just love that word)here is one of my latest creations hot off the needles!!
The pattern is by a lady called Erica Knight & I just love his fat tummy & huge feet.I knitted him in 100% Alpaca from The Wool Bar.Its knitted with two yarns to give the lovely colour .I weighted his bottom & his feet so he will sit well & also stuffed lavender in him.He is not quite finished here as he needs a heart on his paw & a patch on his ear.In the photos you cannot see the button joints that I used.

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Claire said...

I love your bear, he is beautiful!