Saturday, 29 May 2010

Got the blues.

I have been away on holiday.Only for 1 week in our new(vintage) caravan but have come back to mayhem.

I feel so sad at the moment.Every time I think about it I cry & I cant help it.I cant elaborate to much on here but it involves the break up of a relationship in our family.I have become so fond of this person over the 3 years they were together & now they are not .I shall really miss them & I suppose I am finding it hard because I have grown to love them as part of our family.

The other thing was that before we went away on holiday I forgot to let one of my friends know we would be away.Mainly because I didn't get the chance to see them.Whilst we were away she came to see me .The one time she needed me & I wasn't there for her. I feel so bad.Her son in law has had a motorbike crash at Brands Hatch & has been fighting for his life in hospital.Even though that was nearly 2 weeks ago,its still touch & go with him.He is so seriously ill they cannot scan his body to see the extent of damage that has been caused.We are all praying for him that he may be able to make a full recovery & have his life back again with his family.

There is a little good news.While we were away I saw my nieces new baby,little Alfie.A little blondie & looking like most of my side of the family.This is the baby I was knitting the Debbie Bliss blanket for.Take a look below.This picture cheers me up.

My niece Jenny with her little girl Ellie & her 2 week old baby

Ellie pulling a funny face with her lttle brother !

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bargain blocking mat

Whilst in the throws of a quick pop in to Matalan after work the other day I came across a play mat.I have been looking for a blocking mat for ages & they are really pricey.This was perfect & as it was in pieces ,makes storage a dream.

Here it is in full use for blocking my new knit just of the needles.This top is a Sirdar pattern & took me a while to knit that yoke & nearly made me cross eyed!!I really do need to use my glasses when knitting a lace pattern.

I am quite pleased with it,just need some proper weather now to wear it in.

Forgot to say the blocking mat was only £3.00,yaaaayyyy!!!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Soft soft soft!!

I have just finished a new top from the Louisa Harding ,Queen of Hearts collection.
Five is a lovely top to knit ,but I think I will make it longer next time.I knitted this using Patons Cotton.This cotton is so soft & is mixed with Acrylic.I often fin that knitting with cotton makes my hands sore ,but not so with this.Would definitely use again & even though its not recommend yarn ,makes a lovely alternative for the summer.
I have been a bit lax recently with updating my blog & on Ravelry.Sometimes life gets a bit busy.I often think I should give up work so I would have time to get things done.Trouble with that is would I be able to afford to do them if I gave up work?I doubt it very much.Still I can dream!