Sunday, 28 February 2010

Getting fleeced!

We all know how expensive a wedding can be but this brings a new meaning to being fleeced by your own wedding!
I found this picture & link on Ravelry & thought it was pretty cool.The link shows more pictures & their story.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Odds & ends...

My colleagues at work don't really understand the pull of creating things that I have.I love making things & have done so since a very small child when I would go through my mothers stash to find pretty fabrics & have the need to make something like I had seen her do.The trouble was that all I knew at 3 years of age was to make holes.Sometimes they would be in the middle of a piece of the best John LEWIS fabric!!My mother & my Nan obviously saw some potential & taught me how to knit & sew.My mum used to sew beautifully & could make fabulous coats & dresses.Nan was always making something & I treasure her needle case & button tin I inherited when she passed away the week before my husband & I married.
Anyway I digress.Back to my work mates who think I am barmy spending hours making things from nothing!!!Well there are lots of us out there & people just don't know what they are missing .
I have just turned this....well the coat...
Into this...

Thank you Babs & Truly for your coat.It will be returned to your mum in the form of something for her to wear at Crufts this year.

Poodle spins very well & has a bit of spring to it.I mixed all the different textures in the coat together & this has given me the result you can see above.So far I have produced 100g's.That is in approx 3 evenings of spinning.

Friday, 26 February 2010

A handfull of cuteness!

This picture was sent to me by a friend at work.I never thought of hedgehogs having ears!Well of course why wouldn't they?

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A lot of yarn....

Last Friday I visited The Wool Bar.I love this shop & the owner Caroline is great.I left with yarn for another Verity beret for my friend Nicci.That was on Friday.On Saturday I was back in the shop for more yarn.......I had finished the beret ,started on a bag for my BF & knew I had to get some more yarn or I would run out of things to do.That's a laugh in itself .....You should see my crafting stash(es)!!

Its now Wednesday & even though I work full time ,I have finished the beret & given it to Nicci,finished the bag(just needs sewing up)& will start on a new baby blanket on Friday .I am also spinning again which would please my Dad as he bought me my wheel just before he died.

Who has time to be bored!!!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Some more quilts....

This quilt is called The Enchanted Forest.
The maker said she found it quite a challenge to get the given fabrics to merge together.I think she has done a wonderful job.She used "Shrink" to get the effect within the circles.

This won first prize in the competition.

My Sweet Valentine

Valentines day was actually quite an event in our household for once!I came home to some roses & a card & he had some book marks & a tray for his bits & pieces where he sits in his lounge of an evening.(he always wants to watch something different to me on TV).

The day started with a late rising....well I was working until midnight the previous night.We then decided on a woodland walk with the dogs.It was lovely in the woods & we managed to miss the sleet that came down for most of the day.

The woods were great & so pretty.I think in a couple of months it will be a carpet of blue as there are shoots peeping up through the leafy ground from the bluebells

We then went on to Arundel for a mooch & lunch was fine dining of sausage & chips by the river.I really would not recommend the chippy at the lower end of the town.In fact I think he is the only chippy.Very greasy & the fat was just not hot enough.I gave my sausage away to the greedy birds.It wasn't too much of a hardship as I am not that keen on sausage ,especially the cheap pappy ones,yuuukkkkk!

Later at home that evening we had Sirloin steak & Rhubarb crumble with Ben & Jerry's cookies & cream ice cream ,all thought out & prepared by my darling hubby.I was a virgin to this( I am talking about ice cream here!) & I think I should have stayed one!!!I did try to count the points yesterday....oh well.

I will leave you with a picture of some Snowdrops we came across in the woods.A real sign spring is just around the corner.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Magweed is a clever dog....

She makes me feel exhausted!!!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Stitch in time

I have been sewing up a storm!
My new creations have been some little needle cases which I still have yet to photograph & this very nice new dog bed for the hounds!
Grouse was most pleased with it ,that was until Maisie jumped in.....

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Little bit of laughter...

I found this blog today & spent the afternoon reading & laughing.If you would like to do the same ,click on Colourmekatie for a fun time!!! Katie did a series of photos a
capturing people by an apt thought bubble .Take a look at her blog.You wont be disappointed.
I am so inspired.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

TGI friday!

Well I know its now Saturday ,but No1 son was hogging the computer!
I took the day off work yesterday for a day shopping with my friend.Now we all know you just cannot go shopping properly with a man so needs must!
A train hop over to Brighton & we were there with baby in tow.This was Charlies maiden voyage in a train!......he slept.
Walking down the hill from the station ,we came across this great Cafe.I was tempted to buy us a Macaroon each & the owner kindly let me photo the window display.Those meringues looked highly tempting too.The shop is called Cocoa.
The next window that caught my eye was this shop with collage & shoes.How clever & inspiring.
Then on to this one.The display is made up of thousands of Jelly Beans.I had to buy some popping candy(space dust) & some blackberry & Strawberry Candy Canes.I also bought some sugar free fizzy orange sweets but never again,I had a night of belly ache.Sorbitol obviously doesn't agree with me.
I then found this display.I have been looking for an old Singer .I learnt to sew on a hand version of one of these.This is a clothing store but I have a clue about what its called.

No blog would be complete without a picture of the chubster!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Peter Andre

What a weird day.I started really busy , & ended really busy.
The middle was spent with Peter Andre up at the local shopping centre near to where I work.Peter was there to promote his new album & so were all his fans.I had to be there to help with the crowds .There were thousands of little girls & boys just waiting to get his autograph!There were also hundreds of mums & grannies & dads.
I stood next to Peter for about 2 hours holding a barrier from disconnecting a speaker, oh yes & watching the crowd in case they surged forward!!.
Everyone enjoyed themselves & his staff made sure all of the fans were OK.Peter also made sure they all had what they came for & even called a couple of little girls back when he thought they had left their CD.What a nice guy.My friend Nicci was filmed by ITV2 who are making a documentary on him.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Ist day of Feb

Today was a cold & frosty one.I awoke to a dusting of snow that covered everything.It was so pretty & look as though someone had got he sugar shaker out.My Nana had a cut glass one when I was little & I remember her shaking loads of sugar over everything.We cringe at doing that now.

I got my new issue of Sew Hip magazine today.All very summery in it....if only.I like the wonky scrap cushion & the flower pocket banner.
Above is a banner quilt from the Quilting Exhibition at Ardingly .It reminds me of the ribbons that gymnasts use.