Thursday, 4 February 2010

Peter Andre

What a weird day.I started really busy , & ended really busy.
The middle was spent with Peter Andre up at the local shopping centre near to where I work.Peter was there to promote his new album & so were all his fans.I had to be there to help with the crowds .There were thousands of little girls & boys just waiting to get his autograph!There were also hundreds of mums & grannies & dads.
I stood next to Peter for about 2 hours holding a barrier from disconnecting a speaker, oh yes & watching the crowd in case they surged forward!!.
Everyone enjoyed themselves & his staff made sure all of the fans were OK.Peter also made sure they all had what they came for & even called a couple of little girls back when he thought they had left their CD.What a nice guy.My friend Nicci was filmed by ITV2 who are making a documentary on him.

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