Monday, 15 February 2010

My Sweet Valentine

Valentines day was actually quite an event in our household for once!I came home to some roses & a card & he had some book marks & a tray for his bits & pieces where he sits in his lounge of an evening.(he always wants to watch something different to me on TV).

The day started with a late rising....well I was working until midnight the previous night.We then decided on a woodland walk with the dogs.It was lovely in the woods & we managed to miss the sleet that came down for most of the day.

The woods were great & so pretty.I think in a couple of months it will be a carpet of blue as there are shoots peeping up through the leafy ground from the bluebells

We then went on to Arundel for a mooch & lunch was fine dining of sausage & chips by the river.I really would not recommend the chippy at the lower end of the town.In fact I think he is the only chippy.Very greasy & the fat was just not hot enough.I gave my sausage away to the greedy birds.It wasn't too much of a hardship as I am not that keen on sausage ,especially the cheap pappy ones,yuuukkkkk!

Later at home that evening we had Sirloin steak & Rhubarb crumble with Ben & Jerry's cookies & cream ice cream ,all thought out & prepared by my darling hubby.I was a virgin to this( I am talking about ice cream here!) & I think I should have stayed one!!!I did try to count the points yesterday....oh well.

I will leave you with a picture of some Snowdrops we came across in the woods.A real sign spring is just around the corner.

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