Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A lot of yarn....

Last Friday I visited The Wool Bar.I love this shop & the owner Caroline is great.I left with yarn for another Verity beret for my friend Nicci.That was on Friday.On Saturday I was back in the shop for more yarn.......I had finished the beret ,started on a bag for my BF & knew I had to get some more yarn or I would run out of things to do.That's a laugh in itself .....You should see my crafting stash(es)!!

Its now Wednesday & even though I work full time ,I have finished the beret & given it to Nicci,finished the bag(just needs sewing up)& will start on a new baby blanket on Friday .I am also spinning again which would please my Dad as he bought me my wheel just before he died.

Who has time to be bored!!!


Amelia said...

wow - you are talented! My sister taught me how to crochet a few years back and I went wild doing squares - but have yet to sew them together to make anything useful!


Lilibet said...

I dont know about talented.These are the things I just like to do.I like pretty things ,especially something that is unusual.I am just very lucky to have had talented parents & grandparents who spent a lot of time with me.
Thanks for dropping by.