Monday, 30 August 2010

24 years ago.....

there was a bride & groom.....
Yes, its our wedding anniversary.Of course we are a just a bit older ,wiser ,with less hair(well not me) & a larger waistline.

We had such a fun filled day .Our parents worked so hard to enable us to have a good start in life with a memorable day.24 years later ,the little girl in the picture is now a mum herself,to not one ,but 3 lovely children.We have our own boys who are now grown men.Where has all the time gone?!!

Only a year now till our Silver Anniversary.I wonder what we will do to celebrate that?
Tonight my darling husband is taking me out for a meal.Shame I have such a bad back & now on top of that I have a massive stye in my eye & cannot put any make-up on.I feel a bit like an alien!!Will anyone notice if I wear dark glasses in the restaurant?!!!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Great British Seaside

Many years ago Mr T & I chose to live in a seaside town.We actually live very close to the beach with it really only being about a 150m away.Often those naughty seagulls wake us up early in the morning & we have had a pair of them nesting on our chimney pots this summer.
My friend Christine got a beach hut this year & we have spent more time on the beach at the beach hut.
There really is nothing like the great British seaside .Wind in your hair ,a warm woolly on & tucking into fish & chips wrapped in paper with lashings of salt & vinegar......heaven.

I have found me a little knitted beach hut door stop which I am going to make(eventually).Its by talented designer Suzie Johnson .Suzie is the talented lady who showed TV's ,Kirstie Allsop on Kirstie's Homemade Home ,how to knit & then made a door draught excluder for her children's nursery.
I cant wait to make this door stop.It just epitomises all things British to me.I love it.Here is the link on Ravelry where you can find the pattern.Membership to Ravelry is free if you are not already a member.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Hyperbolic random spike stitch flower....

I belong to an online Knitting website called Ravelry.On this there is so much information & support on how to make just about anything from yarn.It doesn't matter if you can knit or crochet,the site caters for all.

During a browse through the site I can across a group who crochet using random spike stitch.This is basically a single crochet but done into a row or rows below the row you are working on to give a spike effect.

I made these flowers using a pattern devised by the talented Sue Johnson.This lady writes a lovely blog & well worth a visit.She updates her blog daily & will introduce you into the world of colour & texture through crochet.

I had great fun sitting making these & they only take a short time.I used the DK yarn with 2 strands together & the Noro which is an aran weight ,as a single strand.I have not used Noro before .The little bit I used was given to me by my friend Caroline who owns The Wool Bar.She told me to make something gorgeous with it!!Its silk & feels lovely.

What do you think?!!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Ta da!!

Here is my big Ta Da!!!!!

At Knit & Natter at my LYS ,The Wool Bar we have been making a hanging basket filled with knitted Strawberry plants.
The project was to decorate the front of the shop.My lovely friend Caroline who owns the shop was kept in the dark about the progress of the project (which was no mean feat!!).Every one regardless of knitting ability was able to make a contribution to the basket .It was such a lovely project for us all to be involved in & all money in the shop raised for charity will go to the Breast Cancer Care charity.

The strawberry pattern if you would like to make some is here

The pattern for the large leaf from the book “100 flowers to knit & crochet ” by Lesley Stanfield ,is ideal.

I knitted the leaf as described in the pattern ,making the i-cord to a length of approx 5”.I then made two more leaves without the “stem” or i-cord & sewed these either side of the stemmed leaf. The following pattern is the large leaf pattern; Cast on 3 stitches & make cord using 2 double pointed needles.Knit 3 stitches then without turning , start next row by sliding the knitting along to the left & bring yarn behind the work to start new row.This will form the i-cord.Continue for middle leaf to make stem for approx 4-5 inches.
continue for rest of leaf as follows

1st row (rs) k1,yo,k1,yo,k1.5sts 2nd row k2,p1,k2.When knitting the yo stitch ,knit into back of stitch,this prevents a hole from forming.

3rd row k2,yo,k1,yo,k2.7sts
4th,6th,8th,10th,12th,and 14th rows,k working centre st p1.
5th row k3,yo,k1,yo,k3.9sts
7th row k4,yo,k1,yo,k4.11sts
9th row k5,yo,k1,yo,k5.13 sts
11th row k6,yo,k1,yo,k6.15 sts

13th row k7,yo,k1,yo,k7.17 sts
15th row k17 16th & WS rows k
17th row k2 tog,k13,k2tog.15 sts

19th row k2 tog ,k11,k2tog.13 sts
21st row k2tog,k9,k2tog.11sts
23rd row k2tog,k7,k2tog.9sts
25th row k2tog,k5,k2tog.7sts

27th row k2tog,k3,k2tog.5sts
29th row k2tog,k1,k2tog.3 sts
31st row S1,k2tog,psso.fasten off remaining stitch.

Sew ends of yarn in.Sew the two leaves without stems to the stemmed leaf ,either side ,sewing a third of the way up the leaf edge to make the 3 lobed strawberry leaf..

The little strawberry flowers were made by Sarah at K & N .They were gorgeous & she used the most beautiful yarn that was most probably silk!Sarah made the pattern herself for this flower but there is a similar one in the 100 flowers book.Its also the one I used to make the blossoms on the Mary Janes in the previous post.

It took me a week to wire the leaves ,flowers & strawberries & assemble the basket.The underneath is made up of a very expensive felted Noro tank top that I cut up into leaves to make a supporting framework.I had the basket hanging in my very messy craft room all set up at the right height so I could just go in & work on it for ten minutes or so as my back would allow.

Here are the girls.......Rose (with the strawberry & wire cutters!!) & Gwen

Closest to the camera is Penny ,then Rita & Rita's daughter.

The girls at Knit & Natter were really chuffed with the end result ,Caroline loved it & was totally surprised & I was so pleased they all liked the way I put their hard work together.

If you would like to see it for yourself ,just visit The Wool Bar in Worthing! There is always a warm welcome & lots of scrumptious yarn & patterns to make your dreams reality.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Gutermann thread treat!

I popped into town today with a friend to the local fabric shop.I spied there these tins of Gutermann threads .I just had to treat myself ,but at £5.99 with 4 threads inside ,it was a bargain!

Don't forget to pop back later for the unveiling of the surprise!!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Crochet Blossoms

Over last week I made some little cotton Mary Jane baby booties.I made them out of some lovely Creative cotton Pearle dk yarn.They looked a little plain so I croched some blossom flowers to go on the front of them.

The blossoms were made using the magic slip knot method.You then make 9 SC into the loop & pull the loop tight.This forms the centre of the blossom.Into the first sc ,4 treble crochet then the next sc ,ss1.Continue around the centre .Once you get to the last space you should have 5 petals.Fasten off.Stitch to whatever you wish to decorate!
The weather over the weekend has been foul.Last night we had torrential rain.I spent the whole weekend indoors.It did help as it made me rest my back.I also made a start on my Debbie Bliss winter coat.Its the riding coat by Debbie Bliss.I am knitting it in moss stitch.I know its going to take longer being made in moss stitch ,but its gives the fabric much more substance.I am now going to start searching for just the right buttons for it.When you spend a lot of money on yarn for a garment ,its so worth the extra effort.I cant wait to show you how I am getting on with it.I have done just 11 rows so far of the back .I would like to get it finished by October as Debbie will be visiting The Wool Bar on 14th October
I also have something else I have been assembling which I cant wait to show you ,but its a secret at the moment! Shh ,don't tell anyone!!!!I will show you after tomorrow.Make sure you drop by again.You mustn't miss it!!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Celebrity Masterchef Winner 2010


my prediction came true!!!Lisa won as those of you who watched the programme will know.

They all did so well.The food was stunning.

I have found a link here to all the recipes. I will definitely be trying Lisa's Panacotta recipe.I have never had it & so want to try.I also liked the look of Dick's Rhubarb crumble tart.

Mr T & I have decided that Christine is the double of our Weight Watchers leader,Dawn.Even her mannerisms are similar!!How canny is that!

I have just had such a yummy breakfast of fresh figs & porridge & a very large mug of tea.I always have the same breakfast but usually with a banana sliced on the top.Yesterday however Mr T picked over 40 very ripe figs off our tree in the garden.Its gone mad,never seen it so laden & with such large fruit.In over 10 years of living here this is the first time we have eaten it .

I am going to have to find a recipe to make fig chutney I think.We cannot possibly eat all these figs & I have already given some away .We also have an abundance of Chilli's.Fig & Chilli chutney anyone!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Lucy Bags.

I just realised as I was writing the previous post ,that I still haven't showed you the Lucy Bags I have made.These are from a very creative lady who writes Attic 24 blog.

The Lucy bags were made from Creative Rico Cotton ,which is an aran weight.Comes in lovely scrumptious colours & is available at The Wool Bar. It forms a lovely firm fabric .Lucy has a description of her pattern here.Have a browse through her little blog.Its really lovely.

Here are some pictures of the bags I have created.

Top Viewing

Over the past few weeks ,I have been watching Celebrity Masterchef.Now although generally in our household ,I don't cook,Mr T does,its not that I cant ,which is contrary to his belief!Mr T does enjoy cooking & I also think he secretly enjoys winding me up by secretly adding things to what I am cooking or re stirring something when I have just stirred it.Now you know why I leave it to him!!I can cook & do it quite well.I did the whole Domestic Goddess thing at school & gained an A level in it!I have also cooked for a very famous person who then went on to become the Home Secretary.Thank goodness I didn't poison him!
Masterchef is great.My cousin took part in a Masterchef heat.Bless him ,he was so nervous ,I am surprised anything got on the plate he was shaking so much.Needless to say he was thrown out.He put salad from a bag on his plate & the judges were not impressed.
Anyhoo ,I digress.This years Celebrity Masterchef has been really good.The contestants have completed some really difficult dishes.Watching the penultimate programme last night ,I so think Lisa Faulkner could win the competition.The Champagne Caviar she made is very technical & I was amazed at the Tiramisu pudding she created.I just wish she would stop crying.!!! Christine I reckon could be second & then Dick.All could just change places though.
Its so exciting.....cant wait for tonight's episode......

I had to look up how to make the "Caviar" , so here is the link to a blog that explains it uses & how it is made.All very clever.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Puddings & rings

Mr T & I had been invited down to our friends beach hut to see the Birdman of Worthing event.It was a most welcome break from the monotony of being stuck at home .I decided to make our Weight Watcher leaders recipe for Beetroot & Orange jelly to take with us.!!Uggg I hear you say.....well it did get mixed reactions,but those who tried it , actually liked it. It surprised me too ,but I don't think I will make it again in a hurry.If you would like to try it then get some plain cooked beetroots ,skin them ,& finely slice into a made up sugar free orange jelly.Do this in layers & pop it in the freezer compartment to set quickly then add another layer.When set ,serve & wait for the reactions!!!Its quite funny.Now I know how Heston sometimes must feel.

I also made a bracelet.I wanted to do this for a while .I purchased some plastic macrame rings from a local shop who do beads for jewellery.I also bought some crochet cotton which is variegated & has a lovely pearl sheen to it.A simple single crochet stitch was done all the way round & then they were joined together using a double crochet stitch.


The dogs have been my constant companions during the last 3 weeks.Maisie likes being on lookout duty ,whilst Grouse gets as close to me on the sofa as possible.They are so funny.I love the to bits & these weeks would have been pretty lonely without them.Even little Peggy, who stays mostly in her bed ,is such company.Life without our dogs?No way!!!

Friday, 13 August 2010

Bobbin about!

I have always loved sewing .I think that's partly to do with the eclectic mix that can be made with any notions you may have to hand in your stash.Its all about individual taste that makes a hand sewn item unique.
Part of my collection includes old cotton reels.I love cottons ,the colours ,the sheen on the thread.Most of all I love old cotton reels.When I mean old, not ones that were just around 10 years ago ,but those that were made with wooden reels . These were the cotton reels of my childhood .They were the ones that a knitting dolly could be made from ,a necklace could be made & even a TV show puppets were made from them.
I love my little collection.Whenever I see some sitting on a shelf in a charity shop,I have to unite them with mine.Some people may think I am sad,some mad,but who cares......I don't!!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

More Tunisian crochet

I made another bag out of some of the yarn I dyed the other day.I hadn't even got it finished when my friend who popped round for a coffee said she wanted to buy it from me as a present for someone.How nice was that!,Obviously it had to be finished but this is the outcome.

I am pleased with the way it came out.The lining fabric I had & the flower trim is made with petals from 2 silk flowers ,a puffball I made & a very pretty old button ,all from my stash.

I am feeling a little better today with my back. I think a change of anti- inflammatory tablets is to thank for that.I actually managed to get into the bath today.....I have been showering ,but its just not the same.Absolute bliss!!!!So I have done my hair properly & put some makeup on.It all helps doesn't it to make you feel better.

I really miss work & my team ,so maybe after these 2 weeks I have been told I have to be off ,I will be able to go back.My boss came to see me yesterday .He has just taken over our team .I was worried about how Grouse was going to be with him as he has become very protective over me ,but he was fine & let the Boss in to the house & even made a fuss of him.Phew!!!!!It doesn't do for your dog to nip the Boss when he comes to visit!!!!

He looks so innocent doesn't he !!!Look at the way he is laying with his paws crossed.That is just so sweet!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

youngest family member

On Sunday Mr T drove me up to my Mums cottage to meet the newest member of our family,baby Izzy!She is my great niece ,Mums great grand daughter.I have to say I don't think my mum looks like a Great granny
With Mark & Clare ,my nephew & his wife

Me without any makeup & looking rather old!I suppose I would next to a seven week old baby.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Dying update & the Bonne Bouche !

I re-charged my camera & got some pictures of the dyed yarn.

Here we go;
This is the Bluefaced Leicester double knit.So soft & yummy springy in your hands.It smells good too.Do you smell your yarn or is it just me!This was dyed using the pink lemonade & lemon/lime KoolAid.

This is the Merino /Silk lace weight dyed using Parrot green Dylon dye.This yarn is even softer than the above & feels like caress on your skin.Perfect for anything close to you.

This is the new wool /acrylic double knit in the strawberry KoolAid.I am not sure what this yarn is but it may have been Wendy Family choice.Its a good hard wearing yarn that you could get away with washing in the machine on a cool cycle.

I found the dying really easy to do .

The Bluefaced Leicester was just begging to be wound into a useable ball.As usual ,scatty me couldn't remember where she had put the skeiner & ball winder.An hour later after roping in Mr T to help look ,it was found in a box on top of my wardrobe.I must have tucked them out of the way safely & then promptly forgot where I put them.Anyhoo.....I digress ........the yarn was wound into very pretty balls.
The Bonne Bouche bag was the way forward & with my new Tunisian Crochet hook ,it all came together in a few hours.A very quick project to do .I doubled the yarn to make up to an approximate chunky weight & off I went.
I am not suppose to be doing any crochet or knitting at the moment because of my back ,but I am so bored.With frequent breaks I managed to get it done in about 3 1/2 hours.