Wednesday, 11 August 2010

More Tunisian crochet

I made another bag out of some of the yarn I dyed the other day.I hadn't even got it finished when my friend who popped round for a coffee said she wanted to buy it from me as a present for someone.How nice was that!,Obviously it had to be finished but this is the outcome.

I am pleased with the way it came out.The lining fabric I had & the flower trim is made with petals from 2 silk flowers ,a puffball I made & a very pretty old button ,all from my stash.

I am feeling a little better today with my back. I think a change of anti- inflammatory tablets is to thank for that.I actually managed to get into the bath today.....I have been showering ,but its just not the same.Absolute bliss!!!!So I have done my hair properly & put some makeup on.It all helps doesn't it to make you feel better.

I really miss work & my team ,so maybe after these 2 weeks I have been told I have to be off ,I will be able to go back.My boss came to see me yesterday .He has just taken over our team .I was worried about how Grouse was going to be with him as he has become very protective over me ,but he was fine & let the Boss in to the house & even made a fuss of him.Phew!!!!!It doesn't do for your dog to nip the Boss when he comes to visit!!!!

He looks so innocent doesn't he !!!Look at the way he is laying with his paws crossed.That is just so sweet!


Caroline said...

You look so lovely & look like you have lost weight! Glad you're feeling a bit better xxx

Lilibet said...

Hello sweetie.Loved the singing on FB with Trudes.I laughed my pants off!!Hope you are well.xx