Monday, 23 August 2010

Crochet Blossoms

Over last week I made some little cotton Mary Jane baby booties.I made them out of some lovely Creative cotton Pearle dk yarn.They looked a little plain so I croched some blossom flowers to go on the front of them.

The blossoms were made using the magic slip knot method.You then make 9 SC into the loop & pull the loop tight.This forms the centre of the blossom.Into the first sc ,4 treble crochet then the next sc ,ss1.Continue around the centre .Once you get to the last space you should have 5 petals.Fasten off.Stitch to whatever you wish to decorate!
The weather over the weekend has been foul.Last night we had torrential rain.I spent the whole weekend indoors.It did help as it made me rest my back.I also made a start on my Debbie Bliss winter coat.Its the riding coat by Debbie Bliss.I am knitting it in moss stitch.I know its going to take longer being made in moss stitch ,but its gives the fabric much more substance.I am now going to start searching for just the right buttons for it.When you spend a lot of money on yarn for a garment ,its so worth the extra effort.I cant wait to show you how I am getting on with it.I have done just 11 rows so far of the back .I would like to get it finished by October as Debbie will be visiting The Wool Bar on 14th October
I also have something else I have been assembling which I cant wait to show you ,but its a secret at the moment! Shh ,don't tell anyone!!!!I will show you after tomorrow.Make sure you drop by again.You mustn't miss it!!

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Ruby Mole said...

Awww those booties are lovely. I'm sure the little baby girl you made them for will look really sweet in them.