Monday, 28 June 2010

Bear necessity

What a week its been!
The highs & lows of football & all that goes with that .No sitting on the couch with hubby watching it for me.I totally shy away from football.Now if it was Rugby ,well that's a different matter!I didn't watch the last match where apparently England played abysmally.No I was at work dealing with some of the football fallout!!
Anyhoo.....(I just love that word)here is one of my latest creations hot off the needles!!
The pattern is by a lady called Erica Knight & I just love his fat tummy & huge feet.I knitted him in 100% Alpaca from The Wool Bar.Its knitted with two yarns to give the lovely colour .I weighted his bottom & his feet so he will sit well & also stuffed lavender in him.He is not quite finished here as he needs a heart on his paw & a patch on his ear.In the photos you cannot see the button joints that I used.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Wow! I can't believe its been nearly a whole month since I last posted.Things have settled here.I have got used to the changes in our family & my friends son in law is hanging in there.Still very badly damaged but here.
I have been very busy!!!Yes I do mean busy as my hands have been flying with the needles.I also have a very interesting post planned.Enough of that for now as I want to show you what I have been up to.....I have not really told you much about these but I have been knitting lots of them & getting others to do some as well.The very lovely Caroline at The Wool Bar has been helping distribute patterns & collecting the knitted boobies back in.What is this all for I hear you ask?Well the reason we have been knitting the boobies is for the local Lactation Consultant to use them to help demonstrate breast feeding to new mums or those who are feeding for the first time or having a few hiccups!We met with Elaine (the LC)last week at the shop & we were able to hand over 24 boobies.If any of you have any ready or would like to make some ,just drop them by the shop or pick up a pattern & I will pass them on to Elaine.The pattern is available for free from here.It is a very easy pattern but after completing it more than 18 times I now do it by knitting the base first & rather than casting off then casting on again for the sides ,I just carry on straight up the sides as the number of stitches is the same for the final round of the base & cast on of the sides or main piece of the boob.
They all came out really well & we had all sorts of colours,shapes & sizes .

We have also had the World Wide Knit in Public Day.A group of us gathered at the Worthing Lido & enjoyed an afternoon chatting ,listening to live bands ,watching belly dancers who were very good & of course knitting.
Here we are ,needles at the ready!!

From the left,Julie ,Rose & myself!

Its going to be scorcher of a week.I am working for a few more days but I will be outside for most of that at events.I am currently hooking....crochet that is.I haven't croched for years & its coming back to me with a little help from a great tutorial from the lovely Lucy on her blog at Attic 24 .Check it out.I am using some lovly cotton yarn from The Wool Bar in great summer colours.Cushions for the caravan are required.I was going to do some for my little car ,but she is soon to be sold.She is no longer practical for me so I have to say so long.I will be sad .

Next post ,hooky update!