Monday, 29 November 2010

Climb any mountain!!!

Little Maisie Magweed was sound asleep in her bed.How cosie she looked.....

But the bed happened to be on the dining table!!!
Unbeknown to me,my mother who was staying with me decided to wash the floor in our dining room & put the dog bed of all places up on the table while she did it( I cant work that one out either!!)

Maisie was so desperate to get in her comfy bed ,she climbed up on the table & went to sleep on the table.Usually we have all the chairs pushed in so dogs cannot get on the table ,but you know what its like when someone else comes to stay.They don't know your routine & why you do certain things especially if you have a dog that climbs.Please be assured the table was disinfected before we ate at it again & the shopping was put away!!

Here is my latest creation ,for myself this time.Millie hat & gloves for Moi!!Made in Manos silk mix yarn & shell heart buttons all purchased from The Wool Bar in Worthing.

I have also been making fingerless gloves for the men in double quick time.Each pair took me 3 hours to make from cast on the sewing up.I made a pair for No1 son & this pair is for Mr T.On order is another pair for No2 son.I still have so many projects to get done before Christmas.Obviously as some of them are for presents I wont be able to show them off on here until after Christmas.It will soon be here though!!

No1 son goes off on tour with his band for 3 weeks.I shall miss him & his birthday is while he is away.I am sure he will have a cool time in the tour bus with his mates!!I have made a birthday surprise survival kit for him to open while he is away.You can imagine what is in there!!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Elves at play!!

The Elves were at play last night.

Look what I found all lined up on my window!!

If you would like to own a soldier or a Fairy, just pop along to The Wool Bar.All proceeds go to charities .

I am going to make some more over the next few weeks so keep checking back here.I may even do a tutorial for them!!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Owl ya doin' !!

I have been a bit lax over posting this week.

I have been quite creative though.
Last Sunday I spent all day making a cake for a very special little boy who was One on Monday!I cant believe its been a whole year since I was sat on the labour ward with my friends waiting for Charlie to arrive.
It was worth the effort to make the cake I think. Apparently it tasted lovely.You see how good I was last week.Not a naughty morsel passed my lips.Didnt make a bit of difference on the scales though!

I have also been busy making Christmas presents for other people!
I made this lovely set using the Louisa Harding patterns from her new book , Fade to Grey. Millie hat & fingerless gloves.I knitted them in Manos silk mix .The gloves had a mixture of Sublime silk & merino mix yarn & some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.

I love the way the gloves came out & the rosette was really easy to do.It is really just a scalloped elongated triangle which is curled round into a rosette.Very clever design.The pearl buttons came from my stash of many in one of my tins or jars of buttons.
I was a bit horrified when my friend who I knitted them for wanted to "give them a good pressing!" to flatten the flowers ,but I think I have convinced her they don't need it.I was really grateful for the snippets of advice from friends in the knitting world (aka ,Caroline at The Wool Bar & Louisa ,you know who!)who have said in the past they never block their work so this was passed on.

I am on a marathon knit session.I just finish one project & its on to the next.I wouldn't be surprised to see sparks coming off the end of my needles.

One of the projects is for making Christmas decorations for The Wool Bar .These are being sold in the shop & all proceeds will go to one of the Chronn's disease/Colitis Charities.If you are passing please pop in & make a donation.These charities will really struggle now with the Recession & any small bit of help will go a long way to help relieve the suffering of others.

Caroline has also got a raffle on the go.First prize is a £50 voucher with second prize being a set of Knit pro needles.What lovely prizes.The draw will be held a little closer to Christmas but get in there & get your tickets.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Crafty days!!

I have been having a bit of a funny 2 weeks since I last posted.We had visitors to stay with us which was lovely.I have been at work though & trying to cope with my painful back.I cant believe that 4 months on I am still in pain.This is one thing that the NHS are very slow to diagnose & sort out.I have had a session of acupuncture which was torture!Needles in my back & neck .It was so painful & has had no effect apart from making me very dizzy afterwards & my pins & needles getting worse.Still I haven't let it stop me from doing a bit of knitting.

I finished my Louisa Harding Millie beret which was gorgeous!The only pictures I have are of Mr T modelling it as I have now given it away to a very deserving person who looked fabulous in it.Well slightly better than Mr T!!

I have also finished my Debbie Bliss Riding coat.Its not lined yet but is sewn up & buttons on.I promise I will photograph it to show you.

I also finished another creation ,this time for Mr T.I will blog about that another time.It has taken me 25 years to make him something....he really does deserve it.He is such a star my man.I am one very lucky girl.
We have had a craft fair on in Worthing for the last 2 Saturday's.Some lovely stalls & fantastic art work on display.There was a display of work done by members of the public about buildings they liked & disliked in Worthing.I was quite taken with the display.I was really hard to take pictures of but I am sure you will get the idea.

Whilst I was out in town last week I walked past a house which had this beautiful cat sat on its doorstep.I couldn't resist a snap of it.How pretty it was.