Monday, 29 November 2010

Climb any mountain!!!

Little Maisie Magweed was sound asleep in her bed.How cosie she looked.....

But the bed happened to be on the dining table!!!
Unbeknown to me,my mother who was staying with me decided to wash the floor in our dining room & put the dog bed of all places up on the table while she did it( I cant work that one out either!!)

Maisie was so desperate to get in her comfy bed ,she climbed up on the table & went to sleep on the table.Usually we have all the chairs pushed in so dogs cannot get on the table ,but you know what its like when someone else comes to stay.They don't know your routine & why you do certain things especially if you have a dog that climbs.Please be assured the table was disinfected before we ate at it again & the shopping was put away!!

Here is my latest creation ,for myself this time.Millie hat & gloves for Moi!!Made in Manos silk mix yarn & shell heart buttons all purchased from The Wool Bar in Worthing.

I have also been making fingerless gloves for the men in double quick time.Each pair took me 3 hours to make from cast on the sewing up.I made a pair for No1 son & this pair is for Mr T.On order is another pair for No2 son.I still have so many projects to get done before Christmas.Obviously as some of them are for presents I wont be able to show them off on here until after Christmas.It will soon be here though!!

No1 son goes off on tour with his band for 3 weeks.I shall miss him & his birthday is while he is away.I am sure he will have a cool time in the tour bus with his mates!!I have made a birthday surprise survival kit for him to open while he is away.You can imagine what is in there!!

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Peri said...

Ah bless her - she looks very comfy.

Gorgeous knitting - love that colourway. I like the Manos silk blend it knits up so nicely and the colours don't pool.