Saturday, 13 November 2010

Crafty days!!

I have been having a bit of a funny 2 weeks since I last posted.We had visitors to stay with us which was lovely.I have been at work though & trying to cope with my painful back.I cant believe that 4 months on I am still in pain.This is one thing that the NHS are very slow to diagnose & sort out.I have had a session of acupuncture which was torture!Needles in my back & neck .It was so painful & has had no effect apart from making me very dizzy afterwards & my pins & needles getting worse.Still I haven't let it stop me from doing a bit of knitting.

I finished my Louisa Harding Millie beret which was gorgeous!The only pictures I have are of Mr T modelling it as I have now given it away to a very deserving person who looked fabulous in it.Well slightly better than Mr T!!

I have also finished my Debbie Bliss Riding coat.Its not lined yet but is sewn up & buttons on.I promise I will photograph it to show you.

I also finished another creation ,this time for Mr T.I will blog about that another time.It has taken me 25 years to make him something....he really does deserve it.He is such a star my man.I am one very lucky girl.
We have had a craft fair on in Worthing for the last 2 Saturday's.Some lovely stalls & fantastic art work on display.There was a display of work done by members of the public about buildings they liked & disliked in Worthing.I was quite taken with the display.I was really hard to take pictures of but I am sure you will get the idea.

Whilst I was out in town last week I walked past a house which had this beautiful cat sat on its doorstep.I couldn't resist a snap of it.How pretty it was.

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