Friday, 13 August 2010

Bobbin about!

I have always loved sewing .I think that's partly to do with the eclectic mix that can be made with any notions you may have to hand in your stash.Its all about individual taste that makes a hand sewn item unique.
Part of my collection includes old cotton reels.I love cottons ,the colours ,the sheen on the thread.Most of all I love old cotton reels.When I mean old, not ones that were just around 10 years ago ,but those that were made with wooden reels . These were the cotton reels of my childhood .They were the ones that a knitting dolly could be made from ,a necklace could be made & even a TV show puppets were made from them.
I love my little collection.Whenever I see some sitting on a shelf in a charity shop,I have to unite them with mine.Some people may think I am sad,some mad,but who cares......I don't!!

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Jille said...

I also do that. Then I wonder about the history and stories about them. I often help at a local jumble sale and always pick up the discarded sewing tins. It usually takes a lifetime to collect these things, the buttons, the threads, and everything else, so it's sad that they are just given away. I am always so pleased with my finds!
Jille x