Friday, 27 August 2010

Hyperbolic random spike stitch flower....

I belong to an online Knitting website called Ravelry.On this there is so much information & support on how to make just about anything from yarn.It doesn't matter if you can knit or crochet,the site caters for all.

During a browse through the site I can across a group who crochet using random spike stitch.This is basically a single crochet but done into a row or rows below the row you are working on to give a spike effect.

I made these flowers using a pattern devised by the talented Sue Johnson.This lady writes a lovely blog & well worth a visit.She updates her blog daily & will introduce you into the world of colour & texture through crochet.

I had great fun sitting making these & they only take a short time.I used the DK yarn with 2 strands together & the Noro which is an aran weight ,as a single strand.I have not used Noro before .The little bit I used was given to me by my friend Caroline who owns The Wool Bar.She told me to make something gorgeous with it!!Its silk & feels lovely.

What do you think?!!

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