Friday, 20 August 2010

Top Viewing

Over the past few weeks ,I have been watching Celebrity Masterchef.Now although generally in our household ,I don't cook,Mr T does,its not that I cant ,which is contrary to his belief!Mr T does enjoy cooking & I also think he secretly enjoys winding me up by secretly adding things to what I am cooking or re stirring something when I have just stirred it.Now you know why I leave it to him!!I can cook & do it quite well.I did the whole Domestic Goddess thing at school & gained an A level in it!I have also cooked for a very famous person who then went on to become the Home Secretary.Thank goodness I didn't poison him!
Masterchef is great.My cousin took part in a Masterchef heat.Bless him ,he was so nervous ,I am surprised anything got on the plate he was shaking so much.Needless to say he was thrown out.He put salad from a bag on his plate & the judges were not impressed.
Anyhoo ,I digress.This years Celebrity Masterchef has been really good.The contestants have completed some really difficult dishes.Watching the penultimate programme last night ,I so think Lisa Faulkner could win the competition.The Champagne Caviar she made is very technical & I was amazed at the Tiramisu pudding she created.I just wish she would stop crying.!!! Christine I reckon could be second & then Dick.All could just change places though.
Its so exciting.....cant wait for tonight's episode......

I had to look up how to make the "Caviar" , so here is the link to a blog that explains it uses & how it is made.All very clever.

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