Sunday, 8 August 2010

Dying update & the Bonne Bouche !

I re-charged my camera & got some pictures of the dyed yarn.

Here we go;
This is the Bluefaced Leicester double knit.So soft & yummy springy in your hands.It smells good too.Do you smell your yarn or is it just me!This was dyed using the pink lemonade & lemon/lime KoolAid.

This is the Merino /Silk lace weight dyed using Parrot green Dylon dye.This yarn is even softer than the above & feels like caress on your skin.Perfect for anything close to you.

This is the new wool /acrylic double knit in the strawberry KoolAid.I am not sure what this yarn is but it may have been Wendy Family choice.Its a good hard wearing yarn that you could get away with washing in the machine on a cool cycle.

I found the dying really easy to do .

The Bluefaced Leicester was just begging to be wound into a useable ball.As usual ,scatty me couldn't remember where she had put the skeiner & ball winder.An hour later after roping in Mr T to help look ,it was found in a box on top of my wardrobe.I must have tucked them out of the way safely & then promptly forgot where I put them.Anyhoo.....I digress ........the yarn was wound into very pretty balls.
The Bonne Bouche bag was the way forward & with my new Tunisian Crochet hook ,it all came together in a few hours.A very quick project to do .I doubled the yarn to make up to an approximate chunky weight & off I went.
I am not suppose to be doing any crochet or knitting at the moment because of my back ,but I am so bored.With frequent breaks I managed to get it done in about 3 1/2 hours.

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