Saturday, 6 February 2010

TGI friday!

Well I know its now Saturday ,but No1 son was hogging the computer!
I took the day off work yesterday for a day shopping with my friend.Now we all know you just cannot go shopping properly with a man so needs must!
A train hop over to Brighton & we were there with baby in tow.This was Charlies maiden voyage in a train!......he slept.
Walking down the hill from the station ,we came across this great Cafe.I was tempted to buy us a Macaroon each & the owner kindly let me photo the window display.Those meringues looked highly tempting too.The shop is called Cocoa.
The next window that caught my eye was this shop with collage & shoes.How clever & inspiring.
Then on to this one.The display is made up of thousands of Jelly Beans.I had to buy some popping candy(space dust) & some blackberry & Strawberry Candy Canes.I also bought some sugar free fizzy orange sweets but never again,I had a night of belly ache.Sorbitol obviously doesn't agree with me.
I then found this display.I have been looking for an old Singer .I learnt to sew on a hand version of one of these.This is a clothing store but I have a clue about what its called.

No blog would be complete without a picture of the chubster!


peri said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day. Strange I live in Brighton but haven't noticed any of those shops but then I avoid the town centre.

I have an old hand winder Singer - tis black and gold - I found it in my Nana's when we had to clear her flat. It sews beautifully and I do still use it for straight seaming just for the pleasure of sewing with it, though my Brother is all shiney and modern and great for free hand quilting - there is something about those old Singers.

Have a lovely weekend.

Lilibet said...

I always seem to see something new when I go to Brighton.I think thats why I like it.