Saturday, 8 May 2010

Soft soft soft!!

I have just finished a new top from the Louisa Harding ,Queen of Hearts collection.
Five is a lovely top to knit ,but I think I will make it longer next time.I knitted this using Patons Cotton.This cotton is so soft & is mixed with Acrylic.I often fin that knitting with cotton makes my hands sore ,but not so with this.Would definitely use again & even though its not recommend yarn ,makes a lovely alternative for the summer.
I have been a bit lax recently with updating my blog & on Ravelry.Sometimes life gets a bit busy.I often think I should give up work so I would have time to get things done.Trouble with that is would I be able to afford to do them if I gave up work?I doubt it very much.Still I can dream!

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