Saturday, 24 April 2010

Sour dough update.

All this week I have been lovingly tending my Sour dough mix whom I have affectionately named Fred!
Fred has been stirred , depleted & added to & kept in the warm cupboard by the hot water pipes.Today I have measured out 100ml of the Fred mix & mixed to that 300ml of warm water & 250g of strong plain flour.he has been left to rise on top of the cooker.Tonight hopefully he will have fermented & be ready to make into bread.
At this moment I have some bread mixing in the bread mixer.What a cheat I am but it does make exceedingly fine bread.
I have a busy day ,making a tuck box for No1 son to take on tour.I like to do him some Breakfast bars , Nigella style & pack nuts & other wholesome goodness.They are going to be away for 3 weeks & I know they just don't eat properly.I do loads of them so there is plenty for all the lads in the band.You can see Dead Swans here.

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