Saturday, 31 July 2010

A long week

Its been such a long week.I hurt my back last week this this one has been spent trying to get it better.That has meant staying off the computer as much as possible,not sewing or knitting(not possible) & spending large amounts of money on prescription charges for painkillers & Osteopath treatment.Due to the painkillers the week has been spent in a fog of stupidity.I ventured out of the house last night to the corner shop as we needed tea bags & I needed some fresh air & a change of scenery.I had to concentrate so hard on crossing the road.It was like I was 4 years old again.I went to the shop & got the items I needed & came home again.Oh yes ,I did forget the tea bags & darling Mr T had to go back for them.As you can see ,there is no way I could function at work !

I have been thinking about making some silk flowers.I pulled out my Nana's old tools.She taught me how to make them years ago & although I remember the basics,I cant find a thing about it on the net apart from one scant article .I will have to search for a book on it.I got one in the library a few years ago.I need to get a few more bits to start such as a bran pillow & some meths.The meths is for using in the burner.

The principal is that you first seize the fabric.Nana used to use velvet for little violet flowers but you can use cotton & silk.The seize stiffens the fabric .The molding tools are then heated in the burner & used to make indentations in the fabric petal that has been cut out from the seized fabric.Stamens are then added to the centre & the flower blossom can be mounted on to a wire stem.The bran pillow is used to cradle the fabric petal when it is being heated.
I will share my efforts with you when I have something to show for them.
It has rained today for the first time in weeks.So unusual in Britain.Everything is damped down & smells fresher.Its still very warm though.We are going to visit my mother today.Its her birthday & I have made her an Alpaca wrap with beads down the edges.I still have some ends to sew in & the light is too poor to photograph it but when I can I will post pictures on here.I hope she likes it.

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