Saturday, 22 January 2011

January Sales at Cath Kidston

I have been absent ,sick as sick can be, the dreaded flu caught up with me & my back is really getting me down.

To cheer myself up I visited the Cath Kidston website who have some fantastic deals on in their sale.I have treated myself to this.....

This.....and these.....They are to set my new bag off which I am planning to make very soon.This is the bag.Isn't it just lovely?I cant wait to make it.I have some very pretty rose print fabric to line it which will finish it nicely.


Veronica said...

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Rachel K said...

Hello! I remembered you posted a comment on my first ever blog back in September. I thought I'd come and check your blog out- I love it!! I am a keen crafter, although nowhere near as accomplished or dedicated as you. Check out my latest- esp the christmas one as I was making things then :) Rachel x