Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Autumn ,I always think, is a time for cleansing & change.I so love the change in the weather. The cool freshness of the mornings then as the day goes on , the warming of the last rays of summer sunshine. This year I feel even more of a cleansing. Maybe its to do with the complete change around of my life . Leaving work, moving home , leaving my dearest friends, making new friends & being put into a completely alien environment.
Things were very hard for me the first couple of weeks. I am starting to feel more settled & have started making new friends. The house is getting there slowly. We are still in boxes. I have just been hunting for my keyboard! Thankfully I found it quickly in a box & that should now aid me writing my posts.
The garden is also shaping up. Having previously been a paddock for a pony, we are very short on interest in the garden. Borders & beds are currently being dug by myself , which in itself is back breaking work , so I have to take things very slowly & carefully so as not to re injure my back again. Mr T is thankfully helping to dig as well ,with Magweed & the Grouseman , watching on & noting anything that comes out of the earth with a wriggle with great interest.
Being surrounded by great flatness & fields , the wind whips across the land. We have little shelter apart from a huge hedge which takes me all day to cut & fills a compost bay with clippings when its done.Thankfully this hedge also provides great shelter for some fabulous birds. We have a visiting song thrush , robins , sparrows , house martins & many other species. We also have an owl that swoops through the garden very early in the morning. I have yet to see it, but have been assured by my neighbour that I will around 7.30 in the morning. I cant wait!
The plan for the garden is to create two circular lawns that link together. The resulting areas around the lawns are to be filled with shrubs & perrenials. I also need to have vegetable beds & a space for some chickens. They will come later, maybe in the springtime. For now I am needing to increasing my plant stocks.
I always have felt that the main garden centers make such a large profit on their sales . I plan to only buy from only either local nurseries, car boots , seed & plant sales ,damaged stock or greatly reduced stock, seeds , cuttings ,swaps & gifts .Few!! Thats quite an order but I really want to stick to it &create a beautiful garden on a budget.
We have made a start. The compost bays are in using recycled materials found in the garden.The sheds have had some guttering added at great expense to stop the walls from rotting with the rain & to collect water into butts . (i feel a song, I got big b...!!) The first vegetable bed has been dug & strawberry plants & cabbages along with purple sprouting broccoli have been planted up. These were either reduced in a local nursery or bought form another local discount nursery.We have a fabulous place locally called Butters. They supply to companies like Marks& Spencers & Next. Whatever they have left over , they sell at greatly reduced prices to the public.You should have seen what we bought for £45!! It filled the car up.
For now I shall leave you with a few images from the last week in the garden/house & go get on with digging & directing the digger.
Have a great day. xxx 

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moleymakes said...

Oh wow! What an exciting time for you. Lots of hard work but it'll be so rewarding once it's all done. Just don't try to do too much in one go and end up burning out.

Can't wait to see lots of piccies of your progress :)