Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Clutter & clucking!

Today has been a lovely spring like day. Early this morning I saw my first hare. It was a long way off in the field opposite the house. It was racing around in the sunshine ,zigzagging its way over the ploughed field. The sun was catching & glinting off its fur as it darted around & was quite stunning to see. It has inspired me to get on & have a go at some more felting & create a doorstop as a hare looking up at the moon. I really must get to do it before I lose the image in my head.
The house seems quite empty now with all the Christmas decorations put back up in the loft for another year & all the presents tidied away. The family have all returned to what they do & I am going to get on with transforming the house. I have one more room to tackle which is the lounge. It only needs a lick of paint to freshen it up & to hang the new curtains I bought last year. Maybe I will find my mojo & get it done in a few weeks time. I must admit I do struggle now with my back & it seems to take me so long now. I used to be able to paint a room in a day before I hurt my back.
I spent some time in the garden this afternoon. The sun was so lovely & to be out in the crisp air was very invigorating. I let the chooks have their first roam around while I was there & they so enjoyed it. Maisie & Grouse were not so happy about being shut in the house while the chickens strutted about  but that's just tough!
Archie Rooster was in his element , especially when he found some worms in the flower bed I had turned over for them . What a gent he is , clucking away to his girls ,signalling to them there is food & letting them get their fill first. So sweet to see.
I actually got some Box bushes planted today & if it doesn't rain tomorrow , I may be able to get some Lavenders in. I thought the soil would be too wet , but its not so bad. I shall be sowing my chilli seeds this week & get them started inside. I am so looking forward to spending time in the garden this year. Lets just  hope for some good weather.
I have not been able to take any photos this week. My camera ran out of battery & my smart phone has gone off to be mended again. Lets hope Virgin can sort out the issues I am having as I really like the camera on my phone & use it a lot.
For now here is a Hare picture I quite like.

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