Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Its a glam life I live

We all have to complete the mundane things in life like doing the ironing & washing up.

I have this idea that if I have nice things to use ,its makes the job that much easier to do.Its an idea anyway!!

I was looking at my dishcloths the other day & felt so ashamed of them.Maybe they are why I had got to hating doing the washing up so much.

I have made some new ones now.Its a lovely waffle pattern I found on Ravelry.I used cheap dishcloth cotton & the coloured cotton is Rico Cotton which is an aran weight.

You can find the pattern here.It is such an easy pattern & looks great when its done.I am really pleased with them.

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Caroline x said...

Lovely blog as always - where do yoiu get the time to be so creative!! I'm jealous of your dish cloths!!
Caroline x