Monday, 18 October 2010

PJ Monday!!

Its lunchtime & I have spent the morning in my PJ's.I really couldn't be bothered to get dressed & I have no plans to go out.
It feels very indulgent but I have been busy!!Well at least my hands have.
I entertained my neighbour with coffee & have knitted nearly a whole sleeve of my Debbie Bliss riding coat.The weather has now turned a bit cold so I am racing to get it finished.It should be lovely & warm.
I have also mixed together Mr T's birthday cake & its in the oven baking.The smell is so nice..Mmmm!!!!I am thinking of how to decorate will be simple as I cannot lean for hours tracing out intricate iced designs.I wont bore you with details but my back is still no better & I am rather fed up with it.
I don't have my camera either.I have lent it to No1 son who has gone away for a few days .I hope it comes back in working order.

We will have to suffice with some stock photos for today.
Looking back through my pictures I realised I never shared my trip to the Eden project.I can never tire of that place & it stirs some real creativeness inside me.Every time we go ,there is something new to look at.

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