Sunday, 29 January 2012

Full Steam Ahead!

Last weekend we went away up to Lincolnshire.We had a lovely weekend & stayed in a Travel Lodge room at Long Sutton. The staff were lovely but oh, how the room was so in need of a lick of paint!.Never mind, I was asleep most of the time when we were in it!
We saw a double Rainbow whilst we were driving around.I was so excited to see one. The skies are so big up there you could see both ends!Its a shame the second rainbow doesn't show up to well in the photo but it is there!

We went house hunting.
My life is about to change drastically!Mr T is due to retire from his job in March & we are about to put our lovely family home on the market & head into the future of unknown....Its quite scary really but also exciting.Technically he will be unemployed.As you can imagine ,so many worries go alongside that in this current climate.Its also time for me to do less hours at work.So with all that ,we are downsizing & hopefully will be almost mortgage free.Lets just hope we can sell our house.Fingers crossed.
Anyway , back to the weekend.I lost one of my lovely gloves I made using a green Zuberball. I was so annoyed with myself. We hunted all over where we had been & just couldn't find it. Luckily I had just enough yarn left to make another one. I have just sewn up the seam & so now will be back to having toasty hands.

My hands have been giving me a lot of pain during this colder weather we seem to be having.Apart from wearing gloves, does anyone have any good tips out there. The joints have been so painful.Its stopped me from knitting so much this week.
I snuck into town yesterday & treated myself to a few items.

The little girl always comes out in me when I shop for myself!Here they are. See if you can spot them in future posts. I am sure you will.
I also gave the dogs a haircut.

Phew ....what a busy week . Oh yes ,I was at work as well.
Have a great week & keep warm .

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