Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Year , new start!

Having not posted for most of 2013 I feel I need a new fresh start.
I am closing this blog. Life has changed for myself & my family & I want to start a new blog which signifies a new start for myself. During the last year I have been doing a lot of craft. I want to show people what I have been up to , what I have learnt & possibly teach others through tutorials & photo shoots. My new blog is in the making  so please check back here in a few days & I will have posted the link. I am also linking in with YouTube on my channel.
I leave you with an image of the view from my lounge taken one frosty morning!
I hope you all have had a lovely seasonal break & wish you a fabulous , happy , healthy New

P.S. Dont forget to come back for the new link!!


crazydazy said...

good luck with the new blog!

Liz Taylor said...

Thankyou Crazydazy! Its going to be fun writing something brand new . There are so many new things to learn out there. Hope you come along to share with me.
Happy New Year!

sachin bhardwaj said...

Ficus Trees