Friday, 24 May 2013

Nearly missed May!

Wow! Its been an exciting month for us here in Lincolnshire.I have been very busy in the garden this month & my back has been terrible. Anyway the Dr started me on some tablets I had taken before when I was working . I didn't get on with them because they made me so sleepy , but I decided to give them another try. They work! My back is easier to cope with but the downside is I sleep for England!! Oh well , I am not working at the moment so that's fine. The back pain was getting me down & bursting into tears because of it is no way to be.
Pauline chats to a lady visiting Gosberton Church during the flower festival.
 The new found mobility has enabled me to do some spinning as well. My wheel was in action over the flower festival period & my Guild group of South Holland put on a spinning display in Gosberton Church for 10 days. We all took it in turn to help out & it was a good few days. We had lots of people visiting the church & coachloads of people came form all over the country. Lots of people from Derby & Yorkshire. I was amazed at how popular it all was. The floral displays were lovely & it was a great opportunity to get my camera out & practice.

Fabulous floral displays in Gosberton Church.
 The photography course has been going great guns. I am quite pleased with the shots I have been getting. Our homework has been done every week & apart from this week we have been pleased with the shots we have been getting.
We have ducks in our dyke!! Ha ha! That sounds so funny . We really do!! Our ditch that is in front of our house has two families of little ducks in it. I saw them the other night when I came back from walking the dogs . They were swimming with their Mama duck up the stream. The water must be pretty clean here for the ducks to have decided to make it their home for the breeding season. I must try to get some pictures of them , but if you are seen by mama duck , she gets spooked & flies off , leaving her babies on their own. We have a big fox & a few cats around here so they are quite vulnerable when she is not there.

Its certainly weather for ducks this week! Poor Mr T has got quite wet with his new job , gardening. He has learnt a lot though & happily helps me in the garden now. He does all the heavy stuff I cannot do & the garden is transforming before our eyes! No longer just grass. It has trees planted & fruit bushes & veg patches & flower beds. The bulbs eventually came up & have given such a lovely display. We still have daffs in the garden & its nearly June. The tulips have been fab! Their petals slowly opening to reveal a different view inside them. I am going to plant more for next year & have some along the front hedge to give a display from the lane.

The modern court jester at Spalding Tulip parade.
 Sadly it was the last ever Spalding Tulip flower festival. It went out with a bang! We went along armed with our Canons & got some great shots. We had a lovely time & part from at the very start when it rained heavily , had a great time.

Floral floats depicting many different themes in the final Splading Tulip Parade.
The floats were fabulous & after it had passed us where we were sitting outside St Pauls Church , we walked on to the town centre & went into Ayscoughee Hall . There was an art exhibition on with a craft fare. There was some nice stuff on sale but nothing to tempt me. On we went into town & ended up at the fish & chip shop that is our favourite! You cant beat Turners in Spalding. A family run chippy restaurant that do a lovely meal.  A lot of people turned out for this historic event. So sad it was to be the last , but that is the sign of the times & without support form local business sponsors, it cannot go on.

Lots of happy people at the end of the Spalding Tulip Parade 2013, outside the Lincolnshire Poacher Pub.

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