Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spring fever!

Finally I feel I can say that springtime has reached us here in our corner of Lincolnshire. I am excited really, but the week would have been miles better if I had not caught a cold. This is a mighty one. I think the bugs have been saving themselves up for me! All through Christmas when the family were home & they all had colds , I was fine. When we went to Austria & came back to the outlaws in full swing of colds , I was fine then. In fact , this is the first cold I have had in nearly 2 years. As a cold on its own , its not been too bad. I can cope with sniffles. The sore throat however & not being able to speak or even squeak at times has been the worse thing! Mr T however has been in heaven!!! Cheeky monkey even said that it was bliss with me being so quiet!!Moi?!!!
Anyway, apart from me dying with germs the sun has shone. I should be out there in the garden, getting seeds sown & plants dug in ,but no, I have slept the days away.Today though , I feel a bit better & I have been outside already to let the chickens out . Poor Archie Rooster has been itching to go out since 6 am. I just don't dare let him out much earlier than 7.30 am as his crow is getting so loud. Although I ply our neighbours with the odd half a dozen fresh free range blue eggs, a lay in on a Sunday morning , cannot be paid off with any amount of eggs!!I think he is so happy as spring has got to him too. Everything has started to burst into leaf , blossom & flower.Our house is almost surrounded by fields of daffodils, as far as the eye can see.They were so late to bloom & now Easter has gone, no one wants to buy them in the shops. Normally we wouldn't see them in full colour in the field but this year they are left standing & the colour is amazing!

I took these pictures this morning on a stroll to the end of our lane. If you look at the picture above you can see our house . The one on the right is ours. As you can see the daffs are amazing & this is just the field at the back of our house. If you are out driving , the scene is amazing , with lots of farm workers & pickers out in the fields.
I hope you have enjoyed these pictures. I have been using my new camera to take these. We enrolled on a camera course this week , so hopefully you should see an improvement by the end of it.
Enjoy your Sunday. 

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