Thursday, 4 March 2010

Chit chat

I have lots of things on the go at the moment but I am waiting for the final results of some of them before I can blog about them.Slippers are felting as I write & there is yarn waiting patiently in its purchase bag to get on my needles.I have a sewing machine that is shouting "Use me ,use me!!"& a whole host of other "stuff" that I am sure you would like to hear about.

So what have I got to talk about?Well work is the answer.Yes I know that sounds well, a little bit boring ,but when you have a job like mine ,sometimes the excitement can be just too much!!!

I was working with these guys the other day.......

Sorry no close ups of the crew but it was an exercise down at Shoreham Harbour where a big ship had caught fire.I went down to control traffic .It was a fabulous day weather wise & myself & a colleague had a birds eye view of what was going on.Click on the link & you can read an article about it.

The guys are great to work with & we often do.I have to take my hat off to them,Its not an easy job & they put their lives on the line for others every day.Not only that but they do lots of community work as well.Fire prevention ,youth intervention are but a few of the things the guys get involved with.

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