Thursday, 11 March 2010

A mothers lot

Or dye lot as the case may be!
Yesterday I tried my hand at dyeing some wool tops.I only had access to Dylon cold dye & using this along with a steamer ,it seems to have worked quite sucessfully.I do have a slight green/blue tinge to one hand where my rubber glove had split ,but apart from that ,all is well with the dye world.I have dyed 200g of tops & these have been done with two colours ,blue & pink & both are completely different even though I used the same dye.
Along with this colour of fleece,I thought I would mention my yearning for some dainty little macaroons(big hint for mothers day boys!!!)These are also in delicious ,I want one of those colours for spring!Dont forget my previous blog entry,they sell them in Cocoa in Brighton.

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