Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Blogger issues

I have been having problems with my blog loading.I have had reports from you lovely readers that you have either not been able to get on to the blog or it has been so slow that you have given up.
Due to this I have deleted off many posts.You can see that gone now are 2008 & 2009 posts.
I have also deleted any links that are not needed.I know they looked pretty but I think they were slowing things down.
This is my last attempt.

Please let me know if its loading OK now.
If not ,I will have to start a new blog.


Kanadiz said...

Hi there, I too am having problems with my blog. As of this morning, i am unable to post any images on to my blog!

Lilibet said...

have you been using Google Chrome.That happened to me when we were using it.Try a different server