Thursday, 23 June 2011


Today there has been lots of chatter between the girls on my team at work (there is only 1 guy!) about socks!Not just any socks you know......sock critters!!It all started when fellow comrade ,the Fabulous Lou ,made a sock monkey.I told her about my book ,Staray Sock Sewing.

Well today I took said book into work.It started such a creative theme off that we have all been down to the nearest shop in town to purchase socks to make a sock critter each over the weekend.

I will be making a Facebook fan page so we can show off our creations & our lovely Amy,(yes you get a mention),is going to name them all.

I have stripey over the knee socks to start mine off with.I want to make that little guy on the book.Don't you just love his paws in his pockets!I will keep you updated about the fun!!

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