Saturday, 25 June 2011

Fresh fish Friday!

Yes I know i am writing this on a Saturday.Well I planned it on Friday!!

I couldn't wait to finish work today.At one point I was the only person in the office.I was so lonely & MrT had the day off :(.

Well I took a couple of hours off & we went for a walk along the sea front.Tea was a simple affair of fish'n'chips & that was eaten on the prom.The fish was delicious but they are getting stingy with the chips!!

As we walked home ,the local fishermen were getting ready to go out with the tide.

I love this part of Worthing.Its very close to our home.We only live about 100 metres from the beach.We are very lucky.

My current socks I am knitting for No2 son remind me of all things seaside.I love this yarn.Shame I cant remember its name but I bought it from The Wool Bar who have a reduction on sock yarn this week. I am running my second sock workshop there tomorrow.

Mr T has just realised how lovely hand knitted socks are on your feet after being asked to model the socks for fit!Am I ever going to make my stuff for me again?Poor Moth has been sidelined for at least another month or two!!Oh well.Back to my red hot needles........

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