Thursday, 29 December 2011

Oh Christmas tree....

Oh Christmas tree....
Well it did eventually get put up.It took me ages to do.I am so fussy when it comes to the lights.They have to be placed just so . Here are a few pictures of some of my favourite baubles & my little helper!

The last three are new ones we bought in the Christmas markets in Vienna.They are so pretty.I know it will take me ages to pack the tree away ,there is so much on it,but who cares?
The Christmas lights where I work this year have quite frankly been poor.What a shame.Usually there is a close & all the houses join in & light up.People travel from miles to go & see it but this year there was nothing.Not even a tree in a window.It was sad.
However , on my last night working, whilst out & about we had a little competition of our own for the annual Christmas lights.The runner up was a house in Lancing....
We felt it was suitably jolly to have the second place.
First place went to a house in Southwick!.....

There was so much going on & a real Christmas fantasy for any child that may pass.Well done to the owners of this house, you made us smile on a late`rainy night when we would rather have been at home with our families.Its a shame the pictures are poor as you cannot see everything.Not bad for a phone camera though!!I love my little Samsung Galaxy Ace!
This seems to be turning into quite a long post.I do just have to show you what happened when I tried to whip some cream up for our Knickerbockerglory puddings on Christmas day.I was left with one huge greasy mess to clear up!Yuck!!

For some reason I cant get the other picture to load ,but it shows the cream splattered all over the fridge, bin & up the walls. If it had been red ,you could mistake it for a murder scene! All I could do was laugh!! We got our pudding an hour later!!!
I had some lovely gifts from my family.They are so thoughtful .We don't go overboard in our family.I know people who spend hundreds of pounds just on one person & they really don't have the money to do it.Its so silly. We have a rule of only buying what you can afford & not to use credit cards. I love gifts that are handmade & try to make as many as I can.
I hope you had a lovely day too & wish you all a fabulous & exciting New Year.

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