Saturday, 31 December 2011

Last Post of 2011,bring on 2012!!!

Its seems weird to say this will be my last post.That is the last post of 2011 of course.
Its been not a very good year for me with one thing or another.Some of them remain private to me, others I have talked about because I was happy to share those things with you. Anyway, I am glad the year is over & 2012 beckons with all the unexpected & excitedly planned!!!Its going to be busy busy busy & all hands on deck to get where ,as a couple ,my husband & I want to be.
Tonight ,being New Years Eve, I should really be celebrating. Sadly I will be at work & leave Mr T on his own.No2 son is in Vienna with No1 son & will no doubt be having riotous fun. I hope to be home just a few minutes into 2012 ,but if the proverbial **it hits the fan ,then who knows?
I am not really looking forward to that part but something made me smile today.In fact ,if I was Lucy from Attic 24 ,I would say it gave me one of those Heart Skippy moments & I just had to have it. A beautiful Babushka mug slightly reduced in Past Times. Why do stores do that now? For most of the year they have been slashing prices & I have watched them go up & down & up again. Are they really supposed to do that?
Any way ,here is my mug that made me happy today.
Have a very Happy New Year wherever you are & whoever you are with & here's to a much brighter 2012!!

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