Thursday, 21 January 2010

Big Butts...

I read on the BBC News the other day that new research has found that people with big behinds & large thighs are more likely to be protected from heart disease.Yay ,there is a God!!!
Needless to say I went back to fat club yesterday for my post Christmas weigh in...................drum roll..............3 1/2 pounds on.Not too bad considering I really enjoyed my food over that time ,ate nearly all the cake ,no I correct 2 cakes(the 2nd one was tiny!) & had a very large dose of chocolate.I am quite happy with that.Even though it took me a year to get my nearly 3 stone off ,I am just getting back on the wagon again.Life is for living after all.Not to mention at work we are having a new uniform of fitted cycling shirt & combat trousers very soon.
To help me out & keep my hands so busy I cannot pick food up & stuff it in my mouth ,I have started the baby blanket.It has very long rows!!

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