Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Mountain Rescue.

I was listening to the new this morning & they ran an article about Mountain Rescue in some areas being almost out of money as they are being used to supplement the Ambulance service in the towns.They desperately need funds or they will have to close.
I can really appreciate the work they do.Its been a long hard week ,both at work & then at home.Hubby is still ill so it was down to me to get supplies to my mum.She lives right in the sticks so it was a walk across fields with an old recycling box(I knew it would come in handy!) full of essential supplies for her.I was almost there when I hit a hump of ice & the whole thing tipped over .Luckily the eggs didn't break.
It has made me realise that a) we need to have a sledge ,just in case & b) maybe we should consider a 4x4 for our next car.For now the cheapest option is this & I really want one

In the summer maybe as there are none at the moment.

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