Saturday, 16 January 2010

String of Scots!!

I have had a string of Scotties for many years now.Obviously with time ,the material deteriorates.I decided to give them a re-vamp! First I pulled the string apart & cut the little brass bells off.I then cleaned these so they would be ready to use on the new string.
I then made a card template of the Scottie & drew around it on top of 2 layers of fabric.I then stitched the outline on my sewing machine leaving a gap at their bottoms for turning.I then trimmed a seam allowance & clipped the corners & turned the dog the right way out.

They were then stuffed using polyfil stuffing from a cheap pillow (far cheaper than using toy stuffing) .I trimmed them using buttons,beads ,ribbon & braid& re strung them together using beads & more bells.

Here is the finished result.I am pretty pleased with them.You will have to excuse the photos.I seem to get blurry images at the moment.

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