Saturday, 16 January 2010

Jamie's favourite store!Not mine anymore....

Thank goodness for local butchers.
I have just had huge arguments with the manager of the local supermarket about the wrong packaging of the chicken breast fillets.They had them priced at £6.98 reduced to £3.49.......half price, per kilo.The packet was a 500g packet & was priced at £3.49......not quite right eh?!!!!When challenged over this ,the staff eventually agreed with me but the manager did not.They had even sold a pack to another customer at the reduced price of 2x500g packs for £3.49 as the butcher of the store had agreed with him about the pricing.The manager could not see this.It is an error on the packaging I agree ,but they are legally bound to uphold what they are saying on the label& why have they sold it to the other customer at a reduced price & he even told the manager this I was speaking to & yet he would still not agree.I even found a pack that had different labelling on to prove a point.
The manager kept me waiting for 20 minutes while he argued with his staff who had agreed with me & then had the cheek to ask me if we had seen his staff when he knew we hadn't as he had just left them & I watched him walk towards us.
To be honest I didn't even want the chicken breasts,they were for my elderly mother.She was made to wait as well & not so much as an apology from the manager.
I am not sure whether to contact Trading Standards over this as can I be bothered.......?
The supermarket giants seem to make as much profit as they possibly can & its always us little people who pay.
Have you had a similar experience?
Just watch your labels!!!

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